Lei n.º 62/2007, art. 75.º n.º 4 b) - Constituem infracção disciplinar dos estudantes: A prática de actos de violência ou coacção física ou psicológica sobre outros estudantes, designadamente no quadro das «praxes académicas».

Abr 14

Cámara oculta contra el acoso escolar
Isabel Ferrer La Haya 10 ABR 2014 - 20:47 CET


Johnny de Mol, el presentador, lo califica de “intento de sacudir la conciencia de los matones para que comprueben los efectos de sus actos”.

Project P: Stop Het Pesten / Project P: Stop The Bullying


Unfortunately, bullying among students is still a major problem. 15% of all high school students are routinely harassed and 800 children stay home every day because they do not dare to go to school.

In the new 'Project P: Stop The Bullying "program, starting Monday, April 28th at RTL 5, teens come into the picture that are systematically bullied. Johnny de Mol and Dennis Weening go here for a number of young people finally put an end to. In seven episodes, they take it, alternating from one another, for a young person who no longer wants to be. The target of bullying

Unique to Project P: Stop The Bullying "is that the problem is literally mapped. Gets bullied schoolboy Johnny Dennis or a backpack containing a hidden camera, because they want to know what it's like to be in their shoes. The camera records what they get for their daily choose. These images are an irrefutable proof of what is going on. It also shows how bullying can be distressing and eyes are opened to both children and teachers of secondary schools, which have to deal with every day here.

Johnny and Dennis will interview with the schools in question and want to know how they deal with bullying. For instance, a plague protocol and does it well? This is followed by a discussion with the school principal to which the images are displayed. They know that this is going on and what do they do? Finally, following a confrontation with the whole class. Because bullying is usually a group process. Everyone in the class should be aware that there will be bullied.

In "Project P: Stop The Bullying" is handled in an honest way with the hidden camera footage. Bullies never recognized it. The program shows where the bullied child has to do without wanting to nail someone. Pilloried The viewer is witness to the whole process with the aim to tackle bullying and to come. Bullies insight When it finally comes to a reconciliation between the two parties, Johnny and Dennis achieved their goal. After a few months they return to discuss the current situation.


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